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From idea to finished product

At Manitronica we are specialists in the design and creation of customized electronic devices, intended for the industrial and domestic sectors, environmental monitoring and security.

Each project is cutted to size with the aim of satisfying the specific needs of each customer. We listen carefully to requests, we evaluate them through our technical skills, and finally we materialize them in projects aimed at creating innovative and reliable solutions. br> Through a collaborative process we address each phase of the development process with the client:

  • definition of technical specifications
  • hardware, software and firmware design
  • creation of prototypes
  • product engineering and test development
  • research and production of the necessary certifications
  • production of small, medium and large series

Chi siamo
Massima trasparenza e fiducia

Transparency and trust

At Manitronica the customer is at the center of everything we do.
Our goal is to create a lasting relationship of trust, based on collaboration and mutual respect.
We believe that transparency is fundamental to building a relationship of trust, which is why we keep constant updateson the progress of the project and offer alternative solutions should a request present critical issues or prove not convenient.

A few words about who we are

Our team

Manitronica is a reality of consolidated skills in almost 30 years of work experience.
A team of qualified engineers and technicians generates innovative and successful solutions thanks also to a true passion for electronics, full sharing and continuous collaboration in the work environment.

Sandro Manigrassi

Amministratore sandro@manitronica.com +39-348-3116130

Nicola Russo

Ufficio Tecnico nicola@manitronica.com +39-051-0097285

Elvis Vulcano

Ufficio Tecnico elvis@manitronica.com +39-051-0097285

Silvia Caracci

Ufficio Amministrazione silvia@manitronica.com +39-051-0097285

Manitronica Srl

Domenico Maio

Ufficio Acquisti domenico@manitronica.com +39-051-0097285

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