Other Products

No-Leakage System (detect water leaks)


  1. Power Supply: 230Vac
  2. N°2 outputs (230Vac, Pmax=500W)
  3. No_leakage probe
  4. Thermal control of motor
  5. Dimensions: 66x55x33mm
  6. Connections:faston

Register and download the technical manual Anti-Allagamento (NO-Leakage) ITA/ENG


UV-Power-Led (Sterilizer Led)

The system consists of:

  1. Power Supply with wired cable
  2. Vessel UV LED
  3. Led UV Lamp
  4. Flow Switch (on request)
  5. O-Ring
  6. J.G.
  7. Fixing screws and instruction sheet

Register and download the technical manual UV-Power-Led:  ITA/ENG


BI-CO2 Control (Automatic Control for two CO2 tanks)

  1. Power Supply: 12 Vac/Vdc
  2. Output ALLARM (Imax 5A)
  3. Two pressure switch
  4. Two Solenoid valve (bistable)
  5. Dimensions: 66x55x33mm
  6. Removable terminals

Register and download the technical manual BI-CO2 Control:  ITA/ENG


OSMO-GASATORE (doser with carbonator control)

  1. Power Supply 230Vac
  2. Inlet solenoid valve control (230Vac)
  3. Management of pump (230Vac)
  4. Carbonator level control
  5. Minimum pressure control
  6. Maximum pressure control
  7. Water leak detection
  8. Automatic washing
  9. Filter replacement alarm
  10. Dimensions: 66x55x33mm

Register and download the technical manual OSMO-GAS:  ENG