Measuring Instruments

The Manitronica Srl produces the following measuring instruments for water treatment sector:

  • Conductivity-meter
  • PH-meter
  • Redox-meter
  • Cl, ClO2-meter
  • Cl,Cl2,ClO2,ph,redox,uS, Temperature-mA converter

Measuring Instruments series 48×96/DIN Rail

Register and download the technical manual:

  • CD 48×96/DIN Rail:  ITA/ENG
  • PH 48×96/DIN Rail:  ITA/ENG
  • Redox 48×96/DIN Rail:  ITA/ENG
  • Cl, ClO2 48×96/DIN Rail:  ITA/ENG


Register and download the technical manual:

  • Cl,Cl2,ClO2-mA converter:  ITA/ENG
  • uS-mA converter:  ITA/ENG
  • redox-mA converter:  ITA/ENG
  • ph-mA converter:  ITA/ENG
  • Temperature-mA converter:  ITA/ENG