Hardware and Software Design

We are an electronics company that deals with electronic design digital / analog of any electronic device for industrial / domestic environment monitoring and security.

The main experiences are relevant to industrial / domestic water treatment, measurement instrumentation and automation.


Custom design

All projects are designed with trying to meet, as long as possible, the proposed technical specifications by the same customer, standards and specifications relating to electronic production techniques. Are developed together with the customer, the necessary steps for the realization of the new product:


1. Drafting specifications
2. Hardware, software and firmware
3. Realization of prototypes
4. Product engineering and development of the testing procedure
5. Certifications
6. Production of small, medium and large series

  Maximum transparency

The customer is a key asset to be protected, therefore always enjoys the utmost consideration. If understood that a request, as it has been formulated, is technically unfeasible or uneconomical, we propose possible alternative solutions.