Laboratory EMC LVD

The LVD EMC laboratory has all the necessary equipment for testing

pre-compliance required for the CE Marking.

Recall that the CE marking on products allows the products themselves, which they are subject, freedom of movement within the European Community.

Purpose of Manitronica S.r.l. is to accompany the manufacturer along the main steps of this procedure, offering a range of services as follows:

1.Locate technical rules that the product is subject;
2.Locate design techniques to meet the standards.

1. analyze the product from the state of design or prototype to test whether the essential requirements of EMC / LVD are met;
2. locate such as possible evidence of prototype or testing are necessary;
3. Check that the documentation of suppliers and that provided together with the product is complete and adequate.

For more information and / or quotes, please contact: Eng. Fabio Nuzzo.